Ragdoll Kittens For Sale


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updated 10/1/17

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"Shipping Available"

Summer Sale on select kittens

Inquire at maxinefashion@gmail.com

or call 979-823-2287



"Gorgeous black bicolour male"

This boy is FUN all day long !

Loving and gentle

Available & ready to go ( $950)

ragdolls breeder USA

bicolour ragdoll kitten for sale USA




Adorable rare solid lilac bicolour Ragdoll

(cinn carrier)

Available ( $950)

lilac ragdoll kitten for sale

fawn ragdoll kitten for sale





"Unusual ticked tabby male"

This boy is a sweetheart !

Available & ready to go ( $500)

black ticked ragdoll kitten breeder Texas

rare ragdoll kittens for sale Texas




"Dutch Boy"

"Rare Cinnamon Lynx Bicolour male"

Super sweet and cuddly!

Available $1000

cinnamon bicolour ragdoll kitten for sale




"Beautiful chocolate bicolour male"

Sweet gentle ragdoll male !

Available ( $950)

chocolate bicolour ragdoll texas breeder ship worldwide

ragdoll dallas texas



"Rare cinnamon classic tabby mitted female"

This little girl is fun all day long!

Available ( $950)




"Exquisite classic tabby American Shorthair kittens"

Available ($950)



"Tony Bill"

"Fiesty solid chocolate bicolour male"

Do you want to play !!!!!





"Adorable blue tabby male"

Stevie is super sweet and cuddly

Will be great with kids

Summer special ( $400)

ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas

blue bicolour ragdoll kitten for sale in Texas




"Exquisite silver shaded American Shorthair female"

Available - $675

Silver shaded american shorthair for sale

American Shorthair for sale in Texas



"Exquisite silver shaded tortie

American Shorthair female"

Available - $675



"Doll Baby"

"Fabulous calico female Ragdoll"

Doll Baby is an absolute sweetheart

Sold ($1100)

calico femal ragdoll

ragdoll calico female for sale




"Beautiful seal mink (cinn carrier) male"

Sold ($950)

mink ragdoll kitten

seal mink cinnamon carrier ragdoll



"Exquisite cinnamon classic tabby male"

Rare cinnamon colour - available for Christmas

Sold ($950)

cinnamon ragdoll breeder

cinnamon ragdoll


ragdoll for sale in texas




Sweet, outgoing seal bicolour female

Ready for Christmas

sold ($850)

seal bicolour female ragdoll





Beautiful lilac bicolour male

Great coat, gorgeous blue eyes, sweet and full of fun

Sold ($750)


lilac ragdoll kitten

lilac bicolour ragdoll texas kitten



Fabulous lilac sepia male - cuddly, playful

lots of "PURRS"


ragdoll breeder texas



"Movie Star"

Silver classic purebred American Shorthair female

Very loving , super playful, exquisite markings

Sold - ask about newborn American Shorthairs

silver classic American Shorthair kitten for sale texas

American shorthair breeder texas




Rare solid classic tabby cinnamon female

Sold ($1000)

dollnouveau cinnamon ragdoll



Super adorable tabby mitted male

Sold ($800)

tabby ragdoll in texas



"Chocolate Moose"

Big fluffy luscious chocolate male

I LOVE this boy

Sold ($1200)

chocolate solid ragdoll kitten

solid chocolate ragdoll



Lovely seal mink girl

Gentle, loving and full of fun !

Sold ($1100)

seal mink texas ragdoll kitten

"Sweetie Pie"

Unusual Chocolate Tabby female

Gentle playful personality

Sold ($850)

chocolate ragdoll kitten



Adorable red ticked tabby mitted

Very friendly and full of fun

Sold ($800)

dollnouveau ragdoll kittens in texas



Harrison is the "MOST FUN" you can have with a cat

Solid lilac bicolour male

Sold ($850)

lilac ragdoll kitten for sale

lilac bicolour ragdoll cat


Lovely seal female

Super blue eyes , friendly and playful

Sold ($800)

seal ragdoll kitten


Perfect coat, perfect Ragdoll personality !

Gentle, sweet girl with a wonderful purr

Lilac mink bicolour


blue mink ragdoll texas

blue mink bicolor ragdoll kitten


CFA registered American Shorthair kitten

American Shorthairs are an elegant,

loving and very playful breed

Silver classic tabby Male (Sold)

texas american shorthair kittens



Beautiful solid cinnamon mitted male

$900 (Sold)

Cinnamon mitted ragdoll




Gorgeous cinnamon lynx colourpoint female

Super sweet and playful

$900 (Sold)

cinnamon ragdoll

cinnamon point ragdoll kitten





Seal mitted female - Purrfect Ragdoll Personality !!!

$800 (sold)

cinnamon ragdoll kitten

dollnouveau ragdolls



Rare solid cinnamon male - super playful

$900 (Sold)

solid cinnamon ragdoll kitten

dollnouveau ragdolls



Beautiful solid black girl - Poppy is a "Lap Cat"

Purrfect Ragdoll personality - Gentle Sweet and Loving

$800 (sold)

dollnouveau ragdoll kitten



Colourful playful solid orange mitted male

solid orange ragdoll kitten


Rare solid cinnamon male - very sweet

$900 (sold)

cinnamon bicolor ragdoll kitten


Rare cinnamon lynx male - very sweet

$950 (sold)

cinnamon lynx ragdoll kitten

cinnamon mitted ragdoll kitten


Rare fawn calico female


fawn calico ragdoll kitten



Rare solid cinnamon female


cinnamon ragdoll kitten


Gorgeous playful lilac mitted male

$950 (sold)

lilac mitted ragdoll kitten

lilac ragdoll cat



cinnamon ragdoll kittens for sale

Ragdolls of Texas


Super cute aqua eyed, blue mink male

$1100 (sold)

mink sepia radoll kittens for sale

blue mink ragdoll kitten


Cinnamon Smoke Classic Tabby

$900 (sold)

Before & After

cinnamon ragdoll


silver cinnamon ragdoll


Fabulous aqua eyed mink male

a$ 1100 (sold)0

ragdoll kitten for sale in texas


Beautiful seal bicolour male (sold)

seal bicolor ragdoll kitten

Dixon - cinnamon mitted male (sold)

cinnamon ragdoll kitten



"Beautiful seal mink (cinn carrier) male"

Available January 15th

Available ($950)



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