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Of Previously Sold Kittens




Beautiful solid cinnamon mitted Ragdoll kitten

Dollnouveau Marlin

Cinnamon Ragdoll kitten




Armful of Kitty Love

Dollnouveau Hank (lilac bicolour) with siblings

ragdoll kitten litter


lilac Ragdoll Kitten




Sweet seal bicolour kitten

ragdoll kitten face


Dollnouveau Choco

chocolate ragdoll Kitten



Cute solid cinnamon Ragdoll Kitten

Cinnamon Ragdoll Kitten

Cinnamon Ragdoll Kitten



Dollnouveau Cinnimini

Cinnamon Ragdoll


Fluffy fawn lynx point bicolour

Ragdoll kitten


fluffy kittenC


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All photographs, text and graphics copyright maxine stiles 2012