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Thank you so much for visiting our little "Pet Shop". This is the place to find wonderful cat related gift items for your kitty , your self or someone dear.

My daughters Kelly and Linsey and I love to make things just about as much as we love kitties. The following items are from our "Etsy" sites. Linsey is a small leather goods designer and you will love her handbag designs. She also has kitty beds and her famous "kitty taco" - always a kitty favorite. Kelly is a silversmith and you will enjoy her creative jewelry designs. I do a lot of fabric dyeing, screen printing and quilting. Please visit my site for a variety of kitty beds, pillows and quilts.

My daughters also each have vintage clothing sites featuring a collection of quality gently used garments and shoes. For additional photos and information, additional items and purchasing just click on the photos to take you to our individual "Etsy" stores.

I also have a card site "Kerfuffles" where you can purchase professionally printed cards featuring my original kitten photos and artwork.

Enjoy !!!!





Ragdoll Kitten Notecard   Spongebob Notecard
This is a fun "Pop art" note card created from a photo of one of my Ragdoll kittens
This note card was created from a photo of "Spongebob" , one of my former breeding sires and a rose from the garden.
Ragdoll Kitten Notecard
  Calvin cat bed
Ragdoll Kitten Note card
Your kitty will love my "Cat Nappers". This is an original drawing of my daughter's cat "Calvin". Design is stitched onto a heavy canvas , hand dyed and lined with a thick upholstery fabric.
Silk Horse Pillow   Vintage Pillow
This elegant silk pillow is an original drawing stitched and hand dyed.
I used a lovely hand embroidered vintage table linen and quilted it over a background of butterflies. Pillow is bound with a coordinating batik fabric.
Vintage Vera Tablecloth Quilt   Kitty Boo Boo Quilt
This is a fun "Shabby Chic" style quilt that was created by quilting a vintage "Vera" tablecloth.
Cute lap sized quilt with an overall kitty motif .
Kitty Taco   Black  leather handbag
Your kitty will adore these catnip filled tacos. Sooo much kitty fun !!!!
A beautiful one of a kind handmade black leather handbag.
Red Fringe leather handbag   Purple studded leather handbag
Elegant red leather fringed handbag
Wonderful purple studded handbag.
Silver zig zag cevron necklace   Quartz pyramid silver ring
Delicate silver chevron necklace.
This is a fun quartz pyramid set into a handmade silver setting
Kitten pop Art Birthday
  Kitten Birthday Card
Pop Art Kitten Birthday Card
Little "Dollnouveau Marilyn" one of my beautiful chocolate calico ragdoll kittens


All photographs, text and graphics copyright maxinestiles 2012

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